Worldwide acquisition of information
and systematic evaluation are essential
for optimal results. Recognising relevant
connections is only successful if new
avenues are explored.


In cases of concrete suspicious facts indicating white-collar-crime activities, the company’s management, fulfilling its obligations, has to ensure a full investigation of the case. This could in particular document the fulfilling of obligatory supervision of members of the board of management or of the supervisory board as well as the implementation of corresponding monitoring-systems. It also serves as protection against liability risks. In many cases it is in the interest of the company to undertake their own investigation before involving the legal authorities.

System 360’s experts solve suspicious cases discreetly and precisely. For that, System 360 uses forensic investigation methods which meet the highest international police standards, in close cooperation with the management. By using comprehensive investigation methods, our specialists ensure that securing the evidence takes all relevant information into consideration and that the relevant data is systematically identified, documented and secured. The aim of the investigation is the establishment of a case which can stand up in court in order to prove company-damaging activities and to make a successful claim in criminal or civil suits.